Tuesday, April 12, 2022



For over a year, Nick has been asking to come for filming. Like many in the community, he has his reasons not to show his face. We have always said that it’s not possible to film without a face.

Nick presented an eloquent argument on inclusivity, that many spanking community members would love to be in films, either top or bottom, and not only fulfil their dreams of being on screen, but to be able to share with the community their experiences. He also pointed out that there are tops who don’t show their faces but no one gives bottoms the same opportunities.

 Nick is so committed to this that he travelled here from the UK to take part in filming. In recognition of this, we agreed to film with him. So for all you bottoms out there who feel a little ignored or neglected, here is Nick, and his glorious smooth little butt, as a champion for you all.

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