Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Athlete Spanked

What is it about athletes being spanked that thrills us? Is it that we just find it funny or is it that we just love to see their athletic bottoms being smacked. 

Through out the years we have seen many athletes play apart in a 



or just pissing about, having fun with spanking, but a huge part of me thinks they enjoy it. 

Sometimes it may just be a simple slap on the arse that does something to us spankos. I guess we play it back in our heads in slow motion and watch their ass bounce with the slap. 

Many studios have taken up this thought through out the years and have created great dialogs for thier films

and personally, I love them. Looking back at the vintage films, athletic boys being bent over the coaches knee for an old fashioned spanking for destroying a play or being late for practice or something in that nature has mesmerized us. 

I guess after seeing those films and looking at athletes playing the game it takes her mind back to that. 

And of course it may be that we just love to see athletes getting their buns spanked. 

We all remember Anthony Davis 

being spanked in the locker room, that is something we all will remember. I must admit seeing his red ass being spanked was GREAT! If his basketball career ever goes downhill he always has a place in the spanking industry that's for sure.

I know a lot of disciplinary including myself with love to have their hands on his red pretty ass, which would much more attractive if it was completely red and sore. 

But the fantasy of spanking athletes will be something that a spankos will have in our mind. But dreams do come true..... 

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