Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Boys Being Boys

Boys Being Boys has been around for years, bringing us the great art work of many artist. 

I enjoy stopping past and looking up the latest and new artist that have come on the seen. Although, the artist may have been around for awhile band I just never seen their work. 

I love the way that  they have captured the moment. 
I have come pass alot of drawings and sketches and it seems that they all have a way

Some of the artist take what we see on everyday basis and put them into a spanking scenario, like cartoon characters we would imagine to be punished for their antics. 

I guess that's a good thing about freedom of speech ( in some countries) but all in all, I just love how they express themselves. 

Also how they can take our likes and fetishes and put them on a canvas. 

Let's not decieve ourselves to think that they are the only ones who see different scenarios and put them into our own themes.. 


Antwi David said...

Nice pictures and real discipline, I recommend it for boys who ready to be spanked and become a good person in future.

Domestic Disciplinarian said...

Thank you, Antwi.

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