Sunday, January 30, 2022

Big Booty Boys

 Big Booty Boys

I get it, boys with phatt asses love to show it off, the best way they know-how. Sagging has become the ultimate fad, for more than twenty years.  But we as spankers and fellow members of the spanking fraternity see this as an invitation to wear those big booty cheeks out every chance we get. 

Just imagine we all take a paddle where ever we go and have a chance to spank any saggar we see on the spot. There would be a lot of boys with their pants up on their waist...or would there be? 

I think some of them would love to be spanked, I mean hell, they are showing those cheeks off for more than just one reason? 

I admit, I spanked my boys who sag their pants and I must say, they enjoyed every bit of it, well maybe not all of it. 

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