Thursday, August 12, 2021


Taavi is not only skiving off, he is having a sleep as well, and some dreams by the look of it.

He is blissfully happy and chilling out for the afternoon.

But it’s not what he is supposed to be doing and when Teodor comes in and finds him, there he is, not a happy man.

Grabbing the lad and rolling him over, he sets about spanking some sense into him. 

Taavi is butt naked so right from the start, he feels every swat and knows instantly that he has messed up, again.

Teodor really lays into the wayward lad

 and by the end,

Taavi is in no dobt that it would have been better to get on with things,

he scampers from the room to get dressed and leaves Teodor to make up the bed.

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