Monday, January 24, 2022

A Proper Spanking

A proper domestic discipline spanking is something that should be given to the boy for misbehavior. I do realize that there are many different levels in spanking and I believe that the one who is administering the spanking should know the difference. 

When it comes down to teaching your boy a lesson for his misbehavior. I believe that it should be an Old-fashioned style spanking.
There is no script there is no ritual. It's the fact that the disciplinarian has a conversation with the boy about his misbehavior and after the conversation the disciplinarian should take the boy across his knee, and give him his just deserves. 

Lecturing before during and after is usually a good method. Not only is the boy receiving a painful spanking but he is also hearing the disciplinarian express his concern for the boy's welfare as well as the reasoning for the discipline. 
There are many disciplinarians out there that go on this theory and the video below is a small example. 

A lot of people always ask a question if the disciplinarian aims to bring tears? 
I cannot speak for all disciplinarians but I can speak for myself when I say no, I actually do not aim for tears my aim is to make sure that the lesson is learned my aim is to make sure that the boy understands that he must follow the rules that have been laid down for him. 
A good disciplinarian makes sure that the boy has rules to follow to make sure that he is getting the proper discipline. This concept actually works in domestic discipline relationships as well as regular relationships. 
In this type of discipline spanking, there is no game playing and no time for excuses. 
But also understand that the disciplinarian must know when enough is enough. Overkill while disciplining your boy can push his mind into another place. 

It is always a good thing to keep the boy and mind space that he is getting disciplined for his misbehavior and not abused. 
Understand that this is why the boy came to you in the first place because he felt comfort in you and he felt that you will make the correct decisions for his misbehavior for his upbringing that he probably never received or if he received it before it was abused. 
That is a Segway into aftercare but that has to be on another post. 

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