Saturday, July 8, 2023

Flyysoulja And Red

 Fly y Soulja and Red

I have been looking on Twitter for male spanking material, lately. As I scrolled down the page seeing some great pages, I came across these two young men. 

At first glance they reminded me of the " Island Boys" but their swag and demeanor were a lot more attractive.  But I must admit, I always wanted to have them " Island boys" over my knee for a good old-fashioned ass whoppen, We all know they deserve it.

The young men seem to have a liking to kissing each other, but on the other hand, having sexual desire for big-booty women. So, I can not pin them as being gay or bisexual, they are just different. And different is a good thing. 

I have taken a liking to these two

, and to come to find out they have an Only Fans Page as well. 

Unfortunately, they do not have any male spanking material, but I figured why not give them a spotlight and maybe some of you will stop past their Twitter page and Fans page and show them some love with their sexy and spankable bottoms. 

Flyysoulja And Red

Jack D

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