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Employee Disciplinary Meetings Part 2


Employee Disciplinary Meetings Part 2

Mr. Harrison’s disciplinary measures continue with him becoming increasingly exacerbated by imposing additional measures on Steven. 

 With his evaluation failing to make the grade the cane,



and bathbrush

 are applied to his behind with him being restrained. 

 Begging for mercy and with his pleas of doing better going ignored Steven receives his butt blistering punishment.

Employee Disciplinary Meetings Part 2

Steven has gotten himself in a heck of a pickle with this one. You will see that he has crossed the line between domestic discipline and BDSM. 

Throughout the years, we have seen him in many different situations, but this one takes the Cake.

Mr. Harrison is definitely showing Steven that his antics will not be tolerated at his establishment. 

Only seeing a bit of Steven's face, you can see the surprised look with the normal plead for forgiveness as he whines, but just like always, It doesn't work! 

You will notice that Mr. Harrison takes the sting to Steven's back

as well as his spankable, round, plump, and round brown buttocks, which Mr. Harrison can't keep his hands off of. 

Steven's yelp from the back lashing speaks volumes of his amateur to this type of spanking.

Mr. Harrison holds nothing back, giving Steven exactly what he deserves and much more. Mr, Harrison delivers a firm and stern spanking to Steven's backside! 

This video in my book is grade A,

but personally, I love to see him over the knee, receiving a good old-fashioned ass spanking as he tries to stay still, while the disciplinarian, pulls him back up with harder and swifter swats.  There is nothing like watching his brown and round ass bouncing about and getting a great tan. 

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