Saturday, March 23, 2024

Meet Jude


A first time for Jude and he has that nervous look. 

The martinet is laid across his back once he is in position, arms restrained. 

He swings and squirms as the martinet makes some super color on his back. 

It is a great debut for Jude

Meet Jude


Jude enjoyed the hiding 

Let us welcome Jude to the bad boy's team! His first appearance has been a good one. I submit, that when I first saw this clip, I was thinking  " Okay, what do we have here? This lad wouldn't survive the marinet " To my surprise he did a great job. Jude is a cute little lad, with a natural build. Of course, I first looked at his cute little buttocks. His body reminds me of one of those old sculptures. I think his buttocks remind me of that.  During the session, the administrator asked " It is good to be naughty?" and Jude replied " Yes Sir". this gave me the thought that this was enjoyable to him as well as us. I truthfully believe he really liked it. Let us get this lad over the knee and see how much he can take. 

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