Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Antwi- Birthday Shout Out

 Happy Birthday, Antwi! 

Good morning, viewers, readers and followers. I wanted to take the time out to wish a happy birthday, to a very special boy. Antwi has been with us for some time now { Of and on}. Antwi is still working toward his career in the music industry. Antwi made his debut here at Discipline Matters with his contribution to Tighty Whighty Wednesdays! 

Antwi still enjoys taking care of his Mother and siblings.  Antwi still loves to receive his discipline sessions and is trying to pursue his dream of coming to the United States to live out his life. One thing I love about Antwi is that he does not hide who he is and his needs and wants.

 Even though he is pursuing his music industry and living a struggling life in Ghana, where this lifestyle is not prominent, he still is open to us about his liking and desire to dwell in the discipline


{ S&M}  lifestyle. All - Together, Antwi is a good lad and a hard-working boy, who deserves a loud birthday shout-out. 

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