Thursday, September 2, 2021

Cuffed and Spanked

Carter is a 23-year-old straight boy who Tom has been spanking for a while now.
Today he came back for another spanking. Tom puts Carter on a table, props his ass up, straps him to the table and handcuffs his hands behind his back. Carter looks great in this position. He’s fully restrained for some hard punishment.

Tom uses an assortment of implements on Carter, including a leather strap, hairbrush, yardstick, shoehorn and an electric paddle.

He finishes the spanking with a hard,
fast and furious session by hand that leaves Carter panting and gasping.

His butt is a very bright red by the time it’s all over.

Carter List Vital Stats:

Age:  21
Fun Fact:  Has a 3.9 GPA

Carter is a 21-year-old straight college student with a 3.9 GPA (Grade Point Average). He wanted to get into adult videos and understood that his chances of finding work will be better if he is flexible about working with men.

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