Thursday, September 16, 2021

Kiran Released

Now, while Kiran is a bit of a brat, the TV is far too loud, he has made an effort to be good.

So when Dimitri confronts him over the noise, he has little choice but to spank the lad.

Kiran protests of course, he feels like he is being punished all the time as he is still caged,

but bad behaviour has to be dealt with.

 Dimitri gives the lad a good spanking on his underwear
and then down to his bare ass. 

Never a good idea to upset Dimitri as he has a heavy hand.

But he is not unfair and at the end
he decides that despite the TV noise
 the need to spank the lad he will relent a little and remove the cage.

Kiran seems relieved at this and seems to accept that lessons have to be taught and learned.

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