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Rugby Club 1, 2 and 3

         Sting Rugby Club Parts 1, 2 and 3


If you want to join the club, you must abide by its rules. This is one of the main conditions that new players sign to. The definitions are clear too, if its deemed necessary corporal punishment will be used to maintain good training discipline. This interesting method of training has turned the club into a winner, the senior coach (Marco) and his team of trainers intend to keep it that way!

Two new lads who signed up recently are Michael (Karl Frazer) and Peter (Tony Masters) These two lads had excelled at sports in school and wanted to continue playing, so they took the opportunity to join the club. They were fully aware of the terms and conditions of signing up and now will realize what this means for the first time!

The two friends settled down as new players but have become somewhat lackadaisical, and last week, the club lost its match! The senior coach is not at all happy and invokes the club rules. The two are sent to their trainer for a 'pep talk' This phrase is used to mean a good spanking. Arriving at his office Michael is the first to be ordered to take down his shorts. The big team forward does as he is told if somewhat reluctantly. It's been some time since he last got a spanking. Soon he is over the coach's knee, and a pounding of a spanking on his bare bottom gets underway. The well formed muscular cheeks turn a burning red, and Peter can only look on to see what is coming his way very soon.

Now Peter is over the knee while Michael looks on, still rubbing his freshly spanked red hot butt. Peters yelps as the trainer gets going. His bare bottom is scorching now as slap after slap rains down. His protruding backside is burning, but this is just a warm-up next to it; over to the gym horse for a taste of the old leather strap!

The lads can feel the excellent suede leather of the pommel horse on their crouches as they bend fully over to take the strap. This is like being back in school, but now they are fit muscular young guys who perhaps thought those days were over. Not at all, that old leather persuader is going to wake up their already spanked bare backside with some fiery licks. They have to be winners, it's in the contract and their training has just begun!


New players joining the club will sign a contract. In it, the conditions are that they must fully accept corporal punishment as part of the training strategy. Its become a tried and tested method to keep discipline, and the Senior Coach intends to keep it as part of the club's winning formula.

One of the club's new signers is Peter (Lukas Cerny). He looks like he will be a real asset to the team. Unfortunately Peter is far too inquisitive and decides to unofficially borrow some cash from Jerry, the Team Captain's wallet (Kris Walker) Understandably he is very annoyed and invokes his right to punish Peter as per the contact.

The new lad is told to strip and is taken over the Captains knee. He feels a bit embarrassed having to do this, but suddenly, thoughts are taken away by the stinging slaps that the muscular Captain is putting down hard on the lads' bare bottom. Peter can feel the fire growing in his bare backside, but it won't be over until he's had a good licking face down on the bench with the leather strap.

Getting a scorched bare bottom will undoubtedly focus this new young player in ways no other training method can!

The new Captain himself is not above receiving discipline too. The results of the last away games could be better, and the senior trainer is far from happy. He feels Jerry needs a pep talk and invokes the contract. The hunky Captain is going over his knee!

Jerry strips off to receive discipline and positions himself across the trainer's knee. A hot spanking begins, the young Captain needs to be coached somewhat harder than others. Jerry's backside becomes a burning red when the trainers launch a rapid-fire delivery! This stings like hell but next he must touch his toes for the cane!

Jerry feels the cane tip lines up on his furry bare backside. Touching his toes like a naughty school boy, bare bottom protruding, takes him back in time, but this burning rattan seems to bite much more. The caning is hard to take, and the stripes are vivid; Jerry jumps up, clutching his now very sore bare bottom, only to be ordered back over for more! The coach wins this time, and Jerry, The Captain, must make sure the team does next!


One of the newest young lads to join the club is Johnny (Don Diego). He got in much easier on the say-so of the new team captain (new Sting lad Joel Vargas), who, on the sight of the boy, though he certainly had the right fitness qualifications. However, Johnny was slightly prone to temptation and, while sifting through the players' jackets in the changing room, got caught by the Captain. It was his jacket! This couldn't be tolerated, especially from a boy who had just obtained the nod of this particular Team Captain through the tests.

Johnny didn't know deep down that the Team Captain was just a little bit happy about this chance arrest. He liked nothing more than hauling a boy like Johnny over his knee and teaching him a lesson. Now happily, he would get to punish this new lad's part smooth rounded bare bottom. Johnny wouldn't argue much; he knew he'd have to take his punishment if he wanted to stay in the club.


High up on the gym horse, the boy lays across the Captain's knee, his little muscular bare bottom now feeling the flat of his hunky Team Captain's hand.

This bronzed, fit young lad's backside was now feeling fiery!

Next, it would perhaps be the rosewood switch, cut at the beginning of the season, that would make a more painful impression as he touched his toes naked after the spanking!

The (very sore) end 

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