Tuesday, October 4, 2022


We met gymboy a couple of weeks ago and he is back for a really stern session here with the paddle and the belt.

He is an animated guy who jumps around a fair bit as he takes some good hard swats.

The paddle is laid on hard and has a super effect on the guy and when the belt is laid on afterwards, it really adds to the session a lot.

 Gymboy can take it well and this clip is just a taste up for what’s to come in October.

 Gymboy is Back

Viewers and followers! We asked for it and BBFC produced it. 

We asked for more severe punishment films and they did it! Spankable lads that desperately needs the real deal, no nonsense type if discipline. I must warn you, this and some others are more severe than others , so this is your disclosure before entering.  Let's face it,, in today's times these lads including yourself , need an old fashioned caning and paddling.  

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