Saturday, November 18, 2023



Schoolboy is discovered covering his buttocks with foam rubber so as not to feel his teacher's punishment. In this class the punishments had always been with clothes. Luis's mockery causes a humiliating situation where he is punished his underwear pulled down in front of his classmates.

 Estudiante es descubierto cubriendo sus nalgas con goma-espuma para no sentir el castigo de su profesor. En esta clase los castigos siempre habían sido con la ropa. La burla del estudiante Luis provoca una humillante situación donde es castigado con su ropa interior bajada frente a sus compañeros de clase.


以免感受到老师的惩罚。 在这个班级里,惩罚总是与衣服有关。



Spanking Chicos Malos 

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