Saturday, May 18, 2024

Meno Maintenance


All lads need a maintenance spanking from time to time and Meno is no different. 

Its been a while since he showed up and of course he has a debt to pay. 

So while he admits he has been naughty it just saves time to cane him and make sure that he has something to make him think twice in the future. 

Its a good session for Meno and one he deserved.

Meno Maintenance

British Boys Fetish Club

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Meno has always been one of my favorite spanking models from BBFC. I have written about this cute and handsome specimen of a boy. Since the beginning of his career at BFFC, when he did a stand-in on Jason is caught Jason is caught, as a tough guy working for " The Boss".

 I must say he played that character very well. When I saw this video, I quickly got in touch with the editor of  BBFC and had to find out who this spankable lad was. 

Seemingly, they had the same idea I had running through my Chrome. Later BBFC stared him in his first single video Meno Caned.  Since then Meno has become a favorite in our sadistic world. Meno stood with his beautiful face, and his pretty smile and slender body. 

His bottom has been made for spanking. If you ever paid attention to Meno's thighs and buttocks, you would see that his thighs line his chiseled buttocks. 

Meno's Buttocks takes its form, beautifully, standing or bending over. Meno has one of those bottoms that makes you want to smack it, at every moment. 

Whomever his significant other is: they are very lucky. Meno has completed a couple of other films such as Meno OTK, Meno Set of Two, Meno Canning, Meno's Holiday Spirit,  Meno Gets a Canning and the new video Meno Maintenance  

Meno has definitely shown us that he is a boy who needs strict and firm Maintenance Spanking regularly. 

His cheekish smile and side-eye look tell it all. Meno may be my favorite boy, but even he deserves a good old-fashioned spanking, sort of like the one in Meno OTK. 

Which is my favorite scene from him. Sometimes you will see that Meno is a boy who anticipates the swat while he is on set. 

He pushes his body up before the swing makes a connection to his sexy ass. I believe that is why in this video, the strike was much faster and harder. Meno has a habit of doing this in all of his scenes. 

Meno has a long way to go and I am pleased and honored to watch his cute, handsome, slender, chiseled buttocks, and tatted body become the star that he is. 


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