Saturday, November 18, 2023



Kyle doit prendre une décision avant demain matin. 

Venir s’excuser de l’attitude qu’il a eut hier avec Vittan, et recevoir une punition ou repartir chez l’oncle, abandonnant ainsi le stage commencé il y a déjà quelques mois. 

Insolent avec le maître de stage, Vittan lui demande de retourner voir celui-ci le lendemain pour demander pardon. 

La nuit porte conseil entre ange et démon, qui gagnera….

Kyle has to make a decision before tomorrow morning. 

He has to choose between apologizing for his behavior yesterday towards Vittan and receiving a punishment, or going back to his uncle’s place, thus abandoning the internship that started a few months ago. 

Since he has been cheeky with his tutor, Vittan asks him to go see him the next day and ask for forgiveness. 

He’ll sleep on it. 

Between angel and devil, who will win?


French Gay Spanking


Kyle being the spoiled and cheeky boy that he appears to be in this video as well as the previous one, it safe to assume that he needs a rude awakening. In this video you will see and hear the cries and moans and if you ever seen Vitten in action before? this is considered light work. Kyle needs a dose of the old school. Kyle likes to protect his pretty dark-skinned complected bottom with his hands, but that would not stop him from getting what he just deserves. But knowing Vitten, he has something in store for Kyle. 

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