Saturday, November 18, 2023

Vince Spanked in the Shower


"Vince is muscular and has a big, round butt that is almost as big as CJ’s. Tom knew Vince would look great in the shower and decided to spank him in the shower as soon as he dries off.

This video begins with a few minutes of Vince showering, and then it’s right to the spanking. Vince has a very hard time with this session. He wiggles and squirms as Tom spanks him by hand and with a yardstick, riding crop, and plastic bath brush. Vince gets nervous as soon as he sees the bath brush. He is right to be nervous. As he soon finds out, the bath brush really hurts.

Vince’s butt reacts to spankings like Owen’s does. 

His butt turns a deep, bright pink. With a hard spanking like this one, you can also see an underlying purplish tone, too

Vince Spanked in the Shower

Spanking Straight Boys

Spanking Straight Boys- C4S

Big Booty Boy- Vince! 

It has been a huge delight to have seen this bubble butt, thick and spankable, big booty boy, getting that well-built and plump butt disciplined. However, this scene has taken the cake. I can only speak on the preview video because I have not seen the entire video, but as far as I can see. This boy has what it takes to be a star in the spanking industry. But also remember that you can have a big booty like Vince and can't handle the pressure of a good old-fashioned spanking like some of our twink boys. Time will tell. We shall keep an eye on Big Booty - Vince. 

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